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Q: Can I see a transaction that took place earlier?
A: Yes. You can review all transactions and see the associated video clip, showing you what happened at that exact time through our fully indexed and searchable back-office system.

Q: What reports are available on my website?
A: Reports are broken down by groups, items and individual transactions. You can also see the reports for any requested time period from live reports to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Q: How safe is my information?
A: We use the same safety protocol as banks use. It's as safe as a credit card transaction.

Q: What if the Internet goes down? Will I lose any information?
A: No. The POS will store your data for as long as 30 days. You can continue using the POS without interruption. Each POS terminal has the ability to operate independently of the Internet and of other POS terminals in multiple POS installations. The POS will automatically send the saved information to the server, once the Internet communication has been restored. Each POS runs independently, and should a problem occur with an individual POS, it will not affect any remaining POS terminals.