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Inventory Software for Restaurant Management and Inventory Control


Save Time! Save Money!

  • Save 2% - 5% on your food cost
  • Cost menus quickly and easily
  • Inventory control in a fraction of the time
  • Create orders and purchases with a click of the mouse
  • Maintain accurate recipe costing

A proven and powerful Inventory Software for easy and simple

inventory control at the affordable price of ONLY $999.00


Click here for free full demo software!

Causes of high food and beverage cost percentages:

  • Overportioning.
  • Waste.
  • Spoilage.
  • Employee Theft.
  • Vendor Theft.
  • Customer returns.
  • Improper preparation.
  • Clerical errors on inventory calculations.

Eliminate the roller-coaster food cost percentages which waste management's time and energy. Improve profitability through focused reports.

Effective systems provide a comprehensive list of reports and tools designed to provide professionals with the answers. These systems have many features not found in restaurant POS add-ons.


A complete tool box helps you find the answers:

  • Key item tracking for high impact ingredients.
  • Competitive bid models.
  • Reorder reports suggest correct quantities.
  • Multiple pack sizes, conversions, par levels, multiple inventory locations for each item.
  • Inventory valuation is automatic.
  • Spoilage and loss may be tracked.
  • Menu items sold through restaurant POS systems may be imported.
  • Perpetual inventory and variance reports.
  • Advanced analysis including menu engineering.

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