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Why interactive self-service kiosks at Pizzerias, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Supermarket or Take Out Delis, and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)?


A turnkey kiosk with the proper hardware and software solutions will generate additional sales and profits that occur when you reduce the waiting time of customers at your business where you provide them with touchscreen self-service kiosks.


A self-service kiosk for ordering food will:


  • Increase Sales and Profits.

  • Increase average sale per transaction (through suggestive selling).

  • Increase customer count (by decreasing walk-away due to slow service).

  • Decrease or improve labor productivity by having the customers placing the orders via the self service kiosks.

  • Possibly reduce the number of employees working at once, as dedicated order takers are no longer required.

  • Provide better service to customers.

  • Reduce congestion at peak hours with the adequate kiosk design.


Placing food orders at a pizzeria, take out food deli, restaurant, or QSR POS kiosk will be as popular in the very near feature as retrieving money from a bank ATM, pumping your own gasoline at a gas station, ringing your own groceries at a supermarket or deli, self check-in at an airport, printing your digital photos at retail photo kiosks, purchasing your own movie tickets at the theater, and the ability to select your public officials via a voting machine and then walking to the nearest touchscreen lottery kiosk for the chance of becoming rich.






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