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Liquor, Beer, and Beverage Dispensers

Why liquor, beer and beverage dispensing control systems?

With a good liquor dispensing system manufactured with top quality materials and military grade switching (not from plastic) and a simple, clean installation, your bar or restaurant will grow more successful.


With a good liquor and beer dispensing system all of the following can be accomplished:

  • Eliminates overpouring

  • Control drink comps/buy backs

  • Eliminate spilled liquor/waste

  • Control free drink giveaways

  • Eliminate free drink giveaways

  • Control employees drinking on the job or after hours

  • Eliminate spillage and overpouring

  • Control beverage costs by reducing spillage and controlling portion sizes

  • Eliminate free pour and shot glasses

  • Increase the efficiency of your workers by quick pouring

  • Eliminate bar shrinkage

  • Record all drinks poured

  • Reduce pouring costs

  • Reduce your liquor purchases

  • Maintain and increase your customer base by providing good quality drinks

  • If needed, you can interface directly to a Point of Sales system and have it automatically ring up drinks.


Even with experienced and honest employees it is not always possible to guarantee that all the sales revenues are accounted for. Management reports are available to ensure all sales are accounted for. Liquor, beer, and beverage dispensing equipment therefore discourages and reduces theft.

Receive free information and the best prices for liquor dispensers, beer equipment, and beverage dispensing systems for the hospitality industry by clicking here.


Liquor gun versus a bottle top system, which is better?

It depends on what you need:

Guns provide superior portion controlling and detailed reporting.  Spout-type systems offer wider control for a smaller capital investment, and there is a whole range in between.

Use the 80/20 rule.  Which brands result in 80% of your revenue?  Get gun control for those; protect the rest with a bottle system.




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