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Customer Loyalty, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Programs


Why a Customer Loyalty Program?

  • To learn about your customers' spending profile

  • To learn how much they spend

  • To improve repeat business

  • To retain customers

  • To increase the frequency and amounts of their purchases

  • To learn when your customers stop buying

  • To learn the history and detail of their purchases

  • To make your competitors follow your lead

  • To reward your best customers

  • To learn customer preferences

  • To compile customer demographics

  • To find out if customer revenue increases from year to year                                                      

We all know that it costs less to retain your current customers than it does to draw new ones!


Facts about Customer Loyalty Programs

  • It costs 6 times more to get a new customer that it does to keep one

  • Loyalty programs that are run efficiently increase profits 

  • Loyalty programs can be implemented to your existing POS system at a very small cost

  • A loyalty program card can be used in conjunction with a gift certificate card

  • Loyalty programs need to be carefully designed so they can be profitable

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