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Restaurant POS Systems


Here you will find links to some of the best restaurant POS systems.

If you are opening a new restaurant and have limited funds, but recognize the need for a POS system at your establishment...don't wait. Consider the purchase of a brand-new, reliable, low-cost restaurant POS system.

quorion POS


quorion POS


Why a Restaurant POS System?

  • Touch Screen restaurant POS Systems save TIME and MONEY.
  • A good survey of your restaurant will give you a better idea of the potential dollar savings that will be generated after you start using a Restaurant POS System.
  • There's no telling how much money you will save by using a Restaurant POS System.
  • Staff training is simple.
  • Employees can learn to take orders in minutes.
  • Menus can be customized.
  • You will get reports that let you know what you're selling and when.
  • You will know which products make or lose money.
  • Confusion in the kitchen is eliminated.
  • Remote printers deliver orders to the kitchen ONLY after they are entered in the POS
  • Pricing and addition errors are eliminated.
  • Missing checks are controlled.
  • Creates automatic calculation of tips for tax regulation compliances.
  • Creates employee time keeping and payroll reports
  • Controls your inventory.
  • Average guest check is increased.
  • Table turns increase.





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