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Don't buy a used Restaurant POS system! Do it yourself and SAVE! 


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RestaurantPOS.com Software - Made to use in:

Take Out - Delivery - Dine In - Fast Food - Quick Service Restaurants - Table Service Restaurants - Pizzerias - Bars - Nightclubs - Pubs - Convenience Stores - Delis - Casual Dining - Diners - Fine Dining - Cafeterias - Grocery Stores - Retail Stores

$599.00 per license

Each package includes:

  • Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) Software

  • Inventory Control Software

  • Labor Scheduling Software

  • Accounts Receivable Software

  • Gift Certificate Software

  • Guest Loyalty Software

  • Delivery Software (with optional caller id)

  • Sales Analysis Software

  • Credit Card Authorization for only $350.00 additional

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Already have POS hardware but just aren’t satisfied with the software?  We have the solution for you.  If your hardware can run Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003 Server, then you can purchase just our POS software and load it yourself. This is the perfect solution for anyone who already owns their hardware and just wants to enhance their software performance.

Here are some potential predicaments for the new business owner looking to purchase a POS System (Restaurant, Bar, QSR, Pizzeria or Retail Store):

  • An insufficient budget or the credit line necessary to purchase a popular, brand-name POS system.

  • Incomplete technical knowledge of the POS and/or computer industry.

  • Not enough time to research system options, and then having to wait several months for the delivery of the POS system.

  •  Indecision regarding the best choice of a POS system for your business.


Various Options for Purchasing Restaurant Software or POS Software:

  1. Buy a new and popular Restaurant Point of Sale.

  2. Buy a used POS system (with the additional costs associated with the transfer of software rights when available, and the cost of potential problems with the hardware).

  3.  Lease an internet-based POS system (eliminates some of the problems typically associated with hardware and a database, but your system is partially controlled from a remote location via the internet.  This type of POS system is more popular and cost-justified for entities with more than two or three locations).

  4. Buy discounted hardware: check printers, order printers, LCD’s, CRT’s, PC’s and cash drawers obtained locally or via the internet at a great savings (with the knowledge that you will have to dedicate time in order to make the POS hardware work with the POS software).

Restaurant POS Hardware commonly available at a discount:

  • Epson TM-T88III thermal pos printers with power supply - $349.00

  • Epson TM-U220 impact printer with auto cutter - $305.00

  • 15” LCD PC-Based POS System & POS Software - $1,720.00

  • Workstation Terminal (all–inclusive computer, low profile & POS software) - $2,495.00

  • Cash Drawer - $175.00


If you are thinking of purchasing a POS System, don’t wait until the last minute.  You should make a decision at least 90 days before you plan on opening. Here are some of the reasons for planning ahead:

  • You may need additional wiring or network cables along with the allocation of electrical outlets and POS terminal sites.
  • It may take time to obtain a lease or credit approval.
  • You will need to allow time for programming, delivery, and training.


If you are opening a new restaurant and have limited funds, but recognize the need for a POS system at your establishment...don't wait. Consider the purchase of a used name-brand restaurant POS system or a better alternative -- a brand-new, reliable, low-cost restaurant POS system.

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